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05/22/2007 at 22:20 PM

Hey All


I have been a working mom since my daughter was about 8 months old.  In the early years I had so much guilt about it and still today I sometimes wish I was home more and more available. 


What do you all feel the most guilty about?



hello there

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Hi Marti,

I feel guilty all the time, I think especially when you work full time that they quickly cotton on to the fact that you pretty much have a lot of patience with them (as you don't see them all the time) and play on this. I went back to work when my first daughter was 3 months old, I was in the RAF so had to be full time, I was then pregnant again with my son when she was 6 months old. After having him I came out of the RAF as my husband as was then was also in the RAF and away all the time, my son also has ADHD and cried constantly from the minute he was born, I suffered terrible postnatal depression, I stayed at home for a year but needed to get back to work so I went back part-time. This was ideal as I got the best of both worlds, I then worked part-time until my third child who is now 4 was a year old. I then got offered a really good promotion but it was a full time position, I really missed the kids and not being there for them when they were home from school. I seem to hit on the "bad" time of day when they are wound up from being at school all day and tired especially the youngest so I always try to get some quality time with them at the weekends.

Lisa x


I have a five year old and i work 5 and a half days a week.  I am usually out of the house when he is in school.  We go home the same time expecting Mondays went i get home at midnight. 

On my day off i want to spend some alone time with myself and it's very hard because i feel guilty.  i am up doing laundry and stuff when he is a sleep and on my day off i spend half the day just doing stuff with him but when i ask him to go to take a nap a watch a movie so i can spend sometime alone i feel guilty as well.



Iam a mum of a nine year old girl and i have been working since my daughter was18months old and at the moment iam lucky because iam in a school so work when she is at school.  This is ok until the unexpected comes uoes up and she is ill or off when iam not so i end up leaving her with some one else and then spend the whole day either worrying or feeling rellay guilty. I always think that i want to be at home but can not afford to give up my job i like my job but sometimes i just want to do the school run and be at home


I have 5 kids and i work 40 - 50 hrs per week. But I also work at a school and am fortunate enough to be at the school where my 2 youngets attend and 2 of the older ones come here after there school is out so they can volunteer in our afterschool programs. I dont generally feel guilty about anything related to my working except sometimes if i am working late and dinner is very late. I was a stay at home mom and ran a 24hr day care for 13 years. I got burnt out. I think thats part of the reason why i dont feel guilty. I know if i had to stay home full time again i would go nuts. But i do have to say in the summer i do not like it as much because typically we go camping for a few weeks and i just cant take that much time off.


I have woked through my son's growing and now I am doing the same with my daughter, it is really hard especial;ly  that I have to work night as well. Sometimes I feel guilty of robbing them of their time.


dear mom, dont feel bad all you need to do is  what ever days you dont work spend more time with your child .or let your child pick things to let your child do since you dont spend more time together.