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should I work full time ?
03/26/2008 at 09:32 AM

I have been a part time evening worker for a long time now so I could take care of my family during the day. I have two boys one 7 in first grade and one 12 in the 7th grade. I have never liked to rely on someone else to pick them up from school or get a babysitter during school breaks. I now have been offered a full time postion with a company  that comes with great health benefits at a wonderful cost to me and a retirement plan. My family currently does not have health benefits. I am torn between taking the job and keeping things the way they are because they work so well and by the time I pay for child care I will be left with the same amount of money I currently make at half the hours per week. If anyone has any advice please share. Thanks

Wow!  If you would not have mentioned the health beneftis I would have said STAY HOME it's better for your family. 


Health benefits are so important.  What have you been doing without them?  There are some plans you can buy direct, but expensive. 


At least the kids are a little bit older if you decide to take the position.




I think, that as you are working part time and taking care of your children, maybe you could find something  else to do from your home.

Working full time is very demanding, probably you will be tired when you get home, everybody will feel this. Your children are in an age that need you. Plus you will be paying for childcare, so,you will be working full time to pay for childcare?, this is my humble opinion, I'm sure there must be an option for health benefits that you could look for.

Remember our children need quality time with us, moms.

I decided to stay at home and work from here because the cost of childcare would take half of my money away besides the fact that I don't trust anybody to be taking care of my little one.

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