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Losing a job because of childcare issues
06/25/2007 at 22:28 PM
Have you, or anybody you know of, ever been disciplined or even fired from a job because it interfered with your duties as a a parent; for example: a chronically sick child, couldn't find a babysitter, had to leave early, etc? Tell us about it.

    Hi ,       I know of a few incidents where a person was diciplined because of child care issues . My suggestion is that before you accept a job you should explain to your prospective employer about your child especially if they are sick or need special attention . Be honest and upfront with the employer, that way when situations arise they  may not be surprised , and if they are not sympathetic to your situation then maybie thats not the job for you.  Another suggestion find out casually during the interview if your prospective manager has children if they do then you go from there if not then you should    think about hiring a back up babysitter.                       Good luck    helpful



I have no children myself, but I do know that at one of my previous jobs, this one girl, who was a single mother, had to leave work early because her baby was taken to the emergency room, and she got written up for it. She told another girl at work and I quote "My son is more important than this f-in job."

At my last job as a customer service rep, I had to deal with people whose utilties were being threatened with a shut-off due to non-payment, and I did receive calls from a few women who ended up losing their jobs because it interefered with their child care.

Six years ago, there was a story in one of the local papers about a young woman, who was a single mother with two children, who found a receptionist job that was paying $28,000 a year, and she just came off of welfare. However, her baby got sick and was taken to the emergency room, and the mother ended up missing three days of work. She left messages for her supervisor, and while she was at the hospital, she told a social worker to put in writing why she had to miss work. She told them that she would come into work that Friday because her mother would be at the hospital with the baby. (The baby was diagnosed with meningitis).

 When she got a hold of her job, they never got her messages, and they had to let her go. She was only there for a month, and she just came off of welfare.

I think it's a very good idea to let an employer know that you have children, and if you have to leave early, you've gotta do what you've goota do. Unfortunately, and don't take this personally, but most employers today are still living in the days of June Cleaver and Ozzie and Harriet when it comes to working mothers.  But like I said, find out as much as you can about that employer accomodating your needs because you are a parent. If they won't, then find someone else who will.


     Wow that is so unfortunate hopefully she will find another job that is more child friendly it is not easy out here and       like you said some employers could care less if your child is sick .Speaking from a mothers point of view having 3 children if Ineeded to pick up one of my children because they are sick would not be a second thought for me because my children come first .Getting back to the girl who lost her job  she needs to find out who did not relay the message and talk to them and see if they would talk to her employer about getting her job back.


Yes I was fired because my job interfered with my parental duties. I filed for workman's comp (got it) and while looking for work decided to start my own daycare which enables me to be around for my child. I've been doing daycare for about 6 years now. I believe this has always been my destiny- to work with children of all walks of life, helping build self-esteem and successful academic skills. It is my goal to ensure that every child I come into contact with is capable of reading and writing. Good things can come out of adversity-Good Luck to all who find themselves in this situation...trust your judgment and follow your heart, your children won't be young forever...Do what's right for them no matter what, they're the reason we work anyway!


YES! I was fired from work at a DAYCARE CENTER for taking my 10month old to the ER for a fever of 104! My "boss" cursed at me, called me names and said I was stupid and that my doctor just wanted to make money off me. She proceded to tell me that fat WHITE girls should not be allowed to have kids.(I had called my PC doc to ask what to do because the tylenol was not helping) I left work less than 45 min before I was too go home. We were at the ER from 3pm until 2:30am. I came home with my child to find out that this "woman" had called  MY PARENTS to tell them the same junk she told me. She left me a message telling me to never come back, and then sent me a written note saying to not ever come into her daycare again!               I really think this woman was/is as my ex co-workers called her, crazy-loco.


I was written up at work the other day because one Sunday I called out 4 hours in advance after receiving a phone call from my regular baby sitter. She called to let me know that her son was very sick and they had to take him to the hospital and that she would not be able to keep my son. I called around and asked others if they could sit for me, to no avail. I understand that a company needs people to come in to work, but you can't be held responsible when you have done all you can to find a sitter and can't get one. You can't bring your baby to work with you (at least at most jobs). I feel that this write-up was completely unfair and I have never given this company any reason in the entire year I have worked for them, not to trust me. I don't understand how it can be okay for anybody to be written up or fired because they cannot come to work due to problems with their children. We do not ask for these things to happen and we have no control over it. It's preposterous!

Yes my sister took maternity leave from her office for 5 months and within 4 months she got a call from her office that she has been dropped. She and her family was shocked completely. After this she has started work from home part time job in melbourne and this is even better than her previous one. She get enough time to take care of her son too.

I had to quit my job after my son was born because the employer couldn’t understand the duties of a mother. My boss of that firm used to yell at me even if I was late for a few minutes or had to call in for a leave when my child was sick. I guess they never wanted someone with other duties or responsibilities in their firm. They only needed people who could devote all their time and life for the firm. Fortunately my husband has a good job and we managed with his income. I started working again after my son turned 3 and started going to kindergarten. His school, Sunnybrook School, also offers after-school-care which helped me not to even search for any nanny. I really feel bad for those who had to lose their job due to child care, but I’m telling you the time that you spend with your child is entirely quality time and will play a major role in molding their personality.

I can definitely sympathize with a lot of comments on here. I'm currently a single parent and trying to work while raising my daughter. A few years ago, I decided to go back to school and graduated with a diploma in medical office admin. Although I have the education required, a lot of jobs of expecting 4-5 years consistent experience at one job placement. Currently I am working a part time retail job which is where the childcare issues come in to play. Its not easy being a single mom and being the sole bread winner. But i do what I have to , to support my daughter and pay the bills. There have been many times where I have had to call in due to lack of child care, or a sick child. I do have a babysitter but sometimes they are sick and not able to babysit. With the varying hours of a grocery store, not many sitters will accommodate last minute or varying daycare needs.

I'm currently a stay-at-home mom and worried about going back to work for this very reason. My child is 3 and goes to nursery school and ever since starting school, he's gotten ill quite a bit, mostly stuff like fevers, stomach viruses and ear infections (which keep him out several days). Shortly after he started nursery, my first thought was, "If I had a job, I would've used all my sick days in the first month and would've been fired by the second month." My husband travels for work and we have no family living in our time zone, so using grandma as an emergency babysitter isn't an option. Several times I've walked into my child's room first thing in the morning and there's vomit everywhere and his temperature is 102 (when he was fine the night before). He can't go to school ill, so how would I be able to get a babysitter at a moments notice? I couldn't. My heart really goes out to single parents in this situation who must work.

I'm currently facing the possibility of being fired or having to quit my part time job due to the fact that they insist on me staying past the end of my scheduled shift every single night. I live with my parents but I am the only parent for my 4 month old daughter. I'm getting to the point where I am going to have to decide between keeping my job, and keeping my daughter. Since I had her, the work environment has deteriorated for me to the point where at least 3 times a week (and i only work 5 days a week) I just want to quit. I don't have another source of income and I'm having to under compensate my babysitter, (who is also my sister) because I have a minimum wage job. If i was paying my sister minimum wage like my parents want me to, and like I want to, I would not be able to afford to go to work either. I feel literally trapped between a rock and a hard place.