I need advice about my plans to go back to college! Anyone out there gone back to school? - FamilyEducation
I need advice about my plans to go back to college! Anyone out there gone back to school?
10/16/2012 at 21:09 PM

I am really motivated to go back to college, but It has been about 4 years since I last went to community college, so I am a little out of the loop. But now that my kids are older (4 & 5), I feel like I could squeeze in a few online classes at least and start working towards a degree.
I feel like my biggest hurdle will be making the time, especially if I have to commute to my local community college. So I was thinking about starting courses online to get some credits for the general education stuff out of the way.
Have any of you taken online courses? And how did it go? Did you find you could easily transfer the credits to a 4-yr program. Any advice/tips would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks!

i was going to try for the online courses but, i went for a few classes online and some in the clssroom as well. im 36 and i just decided its never too late to finish your education.

It is never too late to finish your education! What happened? You mention that you went for a few classes online - did it work out? Or was the classroom better? As for milaintraffic, I am also thinking about going back to school. I decided to go back to school now and am leaning towards online courses as I don't have a lot of time to actually drive to class and be out of the house because of having kids. I found this site pretty useful - it has a lot of good advice and links. I guess I am not actually allowed to post the link, but if you go to that site, they helped inform me about my decision to pursue online courses. Good luck! whatiscommunitycollege.com

i chose a few online classes so i didnt have to go back and forth as much

Thanks! I appreciate the feedback. And that site was really helpful!

I left school when I was 16. I worked at a at Tesco supermarket. Everyone told me when I was leaving school that I would never go back to school once I got a taste for earning but I proved them wrong. I just worked two hours each morning before school as a contract cleaner. They get £14 per hour so money was good. When I went back I felt much more mature and I wanted to learn. before I left I didn't want to learn because I hated the system. After school I went to Uni, graduated 3 years later and now I am a well paid online marketing manager. leaving was the best thing I ever did for my education :-)

It's always been told that there is no age limitation for completing education. It's never let to complete the study. If you are thinking for completing online educational degree, you can go for it as there are many colleges who are offering degree online.

Online courses will help you to achieve your goal. Time is not a constraint here.You can learn things through online when you get time. And you can complete your degree soon. I am doing my real estate license course through online in Freedom business School at Toronto. They are providing many courses related to Contractor license, real estate license etc.