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How to let the babysitter go, please help.
06/07/2011 at 13:33 PM

My children (7 & 10) have been going to a babysitter (a stay at home friend) for almost 6 years. She has a son who is my daughter's age (7), and a daughter who is 3. The kids only go to her house three days a week after school. My friend is very socially immature and tends to engage in arguments with my 10 year old and a lot of times my son is right. The only activity she has is Facebook. I used to love spending time with her, her husband and children but as time has gone on, we don't have much in common and quite frankly, all she talks about is her children and nothing else. She is very competitive when it comes to her son and my daughter and gets really snotty if my daughter is better at certain things. When I pick my children up, all I hear is complaints from them about how horrible "Jane" is. Instead of them being at "Jane's" three full days a week all summer, I signed them up for YMCA day camp two days a week and one day at "Jane's" which was 'ok' for everyone. Since I did this, the sitter has gotten worse towards the kids and I'm considering going cold turkey and just put the kids in Camp, all three days and no more "Jane's". The problem, I work closely with "Jane's" husband and am friends with her family. I want to salvage what is left of our friendship but if she continues to babysit I might lose my mind. Thanks for any input or suggestions.

she may be better suited to provide care for younger children. Be professional with her. Tell her that your children are older now and that you think they are ready for the kind of care provided in the camp for the summer, and that in the fall you will be putting them at a daycare that is similar to the camp.