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How do you manage...
08/11/2009 at 14:14 PM

Im currently working with Safeway. But when I'm not at work I try and spend as much time with my family as possible. What are some of the things you all do with your family in your spare time?

Popcorn and Movie night, with the kid is a hit. We try to find a movie that last 90 minutes or less due to the attention span of the youngest member watching it. We also have a great bike trail in our area, skeeter repellent, and helmet mandatory! ( Hubby and I have lost a few pounds) And with summer break coming to an end soon, we have been doing some *homework* type games to brush up on writing skills. Carol Crosby, MN

Game night (we play a card or board game), read books, watch movies, take trips to the park....

Marti, I was flagged again. 8-( Concerned

i generally have a little time for my kid and husband. but he likes to share time in the kitchen as well so we share some gud time working as well as romancing as he likes to tickle me everytime. and hold me from the back. and for the son we all sit together and play. cuddle around or pillow fight etc.