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How do you deal with daycare drop off/pick up?
04/23/2007 at 16:03 PM

How do you split up the daycare drop off and pick up responsibilities?

Due to the location of our daycare (and the fact that I leave a lot earlier), my husband deals with getting our daughter ready in the morning, droping her off, and pick her up from daycare.

Of course, this makes it a lot easier for me, as I think i'd be a lot more emotional dropping her off. But, I'm wondering if putting all of this responsibility on my husband will be draining for him after a while. Thoughts?

Hey Mommaya

My husband was always the drop off guy.  He was much less emotional about it and she did better with him dropping her off, probably because she could sense my guilt!

If you talk to your husband about it and make sure that it is not draining him emotionally and let him know that you are thinking about him and his feelings then I am sure it will be fine.



My kids always are better at drop off with my husband. When I do drop off their is crying and with him they just go right in.

I have never had the luxury of sharing this responsibility with anyone else. I made a decision when my little boy was born that I would make each of his trasitions as smooth as possible and take the extra care to make sure he felt safe and ready for the day. I bet your husband does experience a bit more anxiety at times with this task because it's inevitable. However, if he has agreed along with you that he is the best person to do this then he will be just fine. I have handled it for 8 years (and more) and I'm doing just fine.

When I married my husband I already had a six year old and had dealt with day care previously. The first time he dropped the kids off he called me very obviously distraught. I told him that I look at it in a logical prespective. I pay good money to Alma to care for the children in our absence and we support one another in basic ethics. Alma is very good to our boys and propbably spends more awake time with them than we did. When I take time off from work I get them ready in the morning and take them to school. If I am home early I pick them up. I have one day a year that I have no kids, husband, dog or cats and he has one day a year as well. We tried doing it more often but with me commuting it does not work so well.I try to be supportive and reinforce to him that he is not "the world's worst dad" and that we have provided a loving day care person who is responsible, supportive and loving of our children. My boys have not been in day care for about 2 years now and we still get together with Alma and her family for BBQ, birthdays and family events. Her family has adopted us and that makes us feel special. I have found that looking at it from a logical business prospective I am able to deal with it, once I shared that with my husband he dealt with it better to. Maybe it will work for you. (I am an accountant and have been accused of being to business.)

I am the drop off and pick up person. It's a surprise when DB picks them up! They get so excited to see him! (not that they're not excited to see me)My son gets even more excited to see DB because he has a fast car and will make the blow off valve sound off a couple times. This works for us only because my schedule is extremely flexible (I make my own hours) and because their daycares are literally across the street (not within safe walking distance).