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Helpful app for parents
11/13/2013 at 11:01 AM

I was wondering if anyone else had tried an app called Ringya? I recently downloaded the app after reading about it on App Hip Mom. The app has saved me a ton of time and energy! The idea behind the app is to basically simplify your phone. Ringya keeps all of your group contact lists (known as “Rings”) in one place for easy access just like your contact list on your smartphone. My son plays football, and I am the team mom for his team. When I received the team contact sheet I totally dreaded entering all those names, numbers and emails into my phone! Ringya made it so simple! I simply took a photo of the contact sheet and with in a few minuets a "Ring" was created with all the teams info. Ringya can also download lists from an email attachment (Word or Excel), or from manual entry. Once the Ring is downloaded, you’ll have everyone’s name in alphabetical order by surname with all the details that were included on the original list. What I love is that the contact information includes the person’s “title”. Which makes finding info a snap! Plus Ringya also gives the ability to send group text and emails, which has saved me so much time! Has anyone else tried this app? I was wondering if there are more features I am missing out on.


Hello Thanks for give information about app.