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Exclusively Breastfeeding . . . and Working
04/20/2007 at 11:24 AM

I really want to give a shout out to all of the women who have managed to exclusively breast feed even though they work. I pumped for a solid year and feel really good about the fact that my daughter got only breast milk (until she ate food). At times I worried about my supply being low, but I got up early to pump, I pumped even on the weekends, I drank Mother's Milk tea and even took fenugreek.

This is the way I think of it: I would only put my daughter in the safest car seat, so why not give her the best food? No matter what the companies say, formula can't match the genius of mother's milk.

That is great that you were able to do that. I think there are lots of factors in this choice and breastfeeding just isn't for everyone. If it's not working well it can cause a lot of stress for both mom and baby. Moms who are not able to brestfeed should not have to feel horrible. There are lots of great things in formula and I don't see lot's of sick babies around because they did not receive breast milk. I think this is a very individual decision for every family.

elkesmom-Congrats! That is a huge accomplishment! My daughter is almost 6 months, and I'm still exclusively breastfeeding, even though I've been back at work for almost 3 months now. It's been a lot of work, but also worth the effort. I've been taking it month to month, but would love to reach the one-year mark like you did (though, there are times I want to throw my pump out the window!).

I agree, it is such a personal decision, and that moms using formula shouldn't be judged by breastfeeding moms, and vice versa. It's hard enough being a new mom. We moms need to stick together :)

Hey elkesmom ,

Just wondering if the Mother's Milk tea and fenugreek really work? What is in the tea?


I breastfed my sons while working full time, but only made it to the 6 month mark.  I just couldn't keep up with it with my work schedule.  I've never heard of the Mothers Milk tea or fenugreek.  I wish I would have, my supply was low with my first son and I had to supplement with formula.

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When my daughter was born she wouldn't latch on. They gave her formula in the hospital and I tried to work with a consultant at the hospital to help her latch on. It never panned out so I went home with her giving her formula. I was home with my daughter (thanx to the family medical leave act!!) for 3 months and my mother helped me get her to latch on. It was sooooo hard because she would scream and cry. She eventually latched on and it was the best decision I ever made. I wasn't able to pump (just didn't get much milk this way) and so I kept her on the bottle also. She had the breast from me when I was around and took the bottle when I wasn't around. I breast fed her till she was 18 months old weaning her from bottle first and breast 2nd. It made things so easy to be able to switch her back and forth.