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Cut down expenses!
10/09/2008 at 18:25 PM

Parents.. does any of you bring your lunch for work to save some cash?? I just realized how much money I've spend for take outs and dine in, I need extra cash for my gas. so, I started to pack my lunch; sandwich, vegies...  what usually you guys pack?? Has anybody tried Deli Creations Sandwich?

I bring my lunch to work all the time and only buy out once in a while. I like salads for lunch, greek salad, with some sandwich meat slices on side, cheese, crackers and apple. I usually bring leftovers to work from dinner night before but will also cook up easy veggie stirfries for pasta dishes for lunch too. Good luck. Tara- Check out my blog!

I usually bring Salads, Pastas and Fruits for the Lunch and an apple for the morning.