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What do I do?
11/08/2011 at 21:35 PM

I am a single mom of a 3 year old girl. I have to live with my parents for now. My daughter will not listen to me at all and when I ask her or tell her to do something she runs to her grandparents and hides until I have to give in because i cannot get to her. Or she will scream and throw a fit until her grandparents come to "rescue" her. im so frustrated and i feel so upset most of the time. Whenever i try to discipline my child i get scolded by my parents that im wrong and i dont treat my daughter right. but yet they feel it is right to put me down and treat me bad in front of her. What do i do? im so frustrated and upset that I wanna scream and cry. HELP!!!!!!

Some ideas for when you are letting somebody take advantage of you. 1. Ask her when would be a good time for you to talk to her. Offer choices, but make it clear that you need to talk to her before Friday. 2. Outline on paper what the problems are: transportation, care during illness, long workdays, lack of vacation for you, health and developmental responsibilities that you have been given. 3. Outline on paper what your ideal would be: she transports child to/from your home, and picks up the child before 6 EVERY NIGHT, she provides care when she is not at work, she manages the child's health (Dr appointments) and developmental issues (potty training), including providing food or paying you extra for food.

4. When you meet with her, direct her attention to what you have written down. Keep your own focus on those things. See if the two of you can work out a solution. If you can't, then give notice. She is not the only person who needs child care in your area. You can find another client.

Thank you so much for your post.

I think there is just one solution to your problem you need to speak out. As you say she is your best friend i think she will understand your feelings else whats the use of such friendship when your are doing things under certain burden. Its better you speak out your mind.