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Want to homeschool
09/05/2010 at 13:10 PM

Hi. My son is 18 months and I know I still have a while before he is school-age, but I want to homeschool him. I am a certified teacher and I hate the way education is going in public schools. I see everyday how the average to above-kids children are getting left out. I also see how the lower-learning students are getting left further behind. There are problems with bullies and class sizes are too big. There are no resources available in the classrooms.

My only concern is that my husband would not make enough at his job to support our family if I did not work. Do you have any advice on jobs that would allow me to homeschool? Something from home or part-time maybe? Any help would be great! Thanks so much.

When I home schooled, I supplemented our income by selling Usborne books and Simply Fun board games. The only thing, those kinds of businesses can take away from family time over the weekend and evenings. We only home schooled for a year, while I was pregnant. Now my kids are in school...keep an open mind....they attend a charter school. It's a K-8 school with only 205 students! I couldn't have asked for a better school. So if working from home is not an option, research charter schools in your area. Good Luck!

Hello, We are a family that homeschools our children and we too were concerned with losing the second income coming into our household. We looked at all of our options and decided to open a small family child care out of our home.This way I could be home with my children and also make a substantial income at the same time.You might want to look into what it would take in your state and wiegh the options, but some of the positives are that you work for yourself so you set your own schedule and that will allow you to also set your childrens homeschool schedule and make money for your family at the same time. As far as homeschool information you can check out K12.com that is the program we have chosen not only are all the materials free but it is nationally accredited. I hope this helps.

k12 is only free if there is a chartered school in your state that uses k12.

My daughter is not liking that she must use the computer to complete all her assignments for K12, she just doesn't like the interface. She finds it quicker and more user-friendly to use pencil/paper than keyboard.

I homeschool my 3rd grade daughter and I borrowed her school books for this year so I was sort of getting anxious about the books for next year and I saw where you got yours thanks for the information. I will check into that. Homeschooling and a child care home is also what I do and it is wonderful.