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ungreatful, but disrespecful kids
09/25/2010 at 05:32 AM

i could really use some help here...i am in a relationship with a soon to be step daughter and two of my own boys (who are 17 and 18) whom live at home...they dont do there chores and if they do its half fast (did i mention i hafto remind them daily to do)...threy are disrespectful unless they want something...i work 2nd shift...and when i do see my kids it seems like all im doing is yelling because the dont do there chores..ive tryed all different punishments...nothing works, it just seems to push them further and further away, but they hafta remember they live in my house and they need to do whats expected of them, i guess im just at my wits end and dunno what to do...and its causing tension in the house, and its stressing me out to where i dont even wanna be at home....any advice would help.

Since yelling and punishing aren't helping, would you be willing to try something completely different?

Still go through this at times with my 26 y/o daughter who is a full time college student and works part time. The only thing that has helped is not having food in the house unless she has done chores. May sound extreme, but may be effective in your situation also.