What's wrong with Sponge Bob?
08/07/2007 at 13:42 PM

Ok, I'll admit I'm a bit of an ignoramous about alot of things, so will someone please clue me in.

My sister does not allow her 6 year old daughter to watch Sponge Bob Squarepants.  I've watched a few episodes on DVD, as well as the feature length movie, and aside from being ridiculously stupid, I could not figure out what is so offensive about Sponge Bob. Am I missing something?

Kids learn by what you do, not what you say. I don't like the examples being set for kids, I don't like the attitudes, I don't like to hear kids copying their words or attitudes. My kids are not allowed to watch it either and I have explained this to them.


I agree, it's pretty silly show. We don't watch it regularly (we don't have cable to our tv) but we did go to the movie and have seen it a couple of times while on vacation. My sister allows her daughter to watch other shows that are equally tacky... I was just wondering what it was in particular about Sponge Bob.


I used to be turned off by the show, that was until I actually sat down and watched a few episodes.  It's actually adorable.  Sponge Bob is very sweet, caring, naive yes but in an innocent way.  He wants to do good, he cares about others.  It's rare to find positive attitudes these days on TV or anywhere else.  Another main character is Patrick, he kind of gets on my nerves but again, he is a good friend and wants to be good.  Seriously, watch it and I think you'll have a whole other attitude.  It got a bad wrap but so did Barney and Sesame street, watch it and make your own judgment.  If you like it, watch it WITH your kids and enjoy!


No, you're not missing something. Maybe, your sister finds it offensive to her. You don't have to quit watching it just cause she does. It's a very entertaining show. Just make sure if they do say anything wrong then tell your children not to say that.


The only thing I have found that I don't like about it is when they say "stupid".  Wait...maybe it was another show.  I can't remember because there are so many cartoons that say that word.  Maybe we should just be glad there is a cartoon with no adult content, like curse words, violence, and sexual jokes.

The show is very lighthearted and silly.  It makes me feel like everyone is so uptight when it comes to silly things.  I want to teach my kids that life doesn't always have to be so serious.  Kids should laugh once in a while.  It probably wouldn't hurt us adults to do the same.  Then again, "to each his own".



  what wrong with spongebob i LOVE spongebob my whole room is spongebob! I don't think that spongebob is bad or anything..


He isnt bad at least to us though. We are a little bit older than the little ones and their parents dont like the way he talks. one episode he was cursing, yes they bleeped it out and they did try to teach that it is wrong but the child probally would've thought nothing of it. The cartoon brought it up. so for a child it may seem innapropriate, but to me I love him and we are getting married next weekend. So feel free to come.Lol


Spongebob isn't bad for any child i can't believe somebody would say something like that. Spongebob is sweet and cute (lol).


My sister-in-law is the same way, she allows her children to watch the man verses wild but not spongebob. I think man verses  wild some parts are  a little too gory for children..

but like someone said "to each his own!!"

Spongebob is an innocent cartoon and parents see it differently then the children do... Leave "Spongebob & Patrick alone!!"


I don't see anything bad in Bob, yes, he is so silly, but I prefer that to adult jokes or other things.


And I sit with my kids, watch the show, and I enjoy it.



The first time my son watched it was with Grandma.  Then he told me to "Shut your pie hole."  I tried to form words but they just wouldn't come out.  Since I'm rarely speechless he got the message and said, "That's not good is it?" 

So we had a talk about things you see on TV and things people in our family do.  It's actually a teaching tool if you use it right.


There's nothing wrong with SpongeBob. Kids like enjoy being entertained too...why should everything they watch have to revolve around teaching a moral? If parents did a good job teaching their children, then they wouldn't have to rely on television programming to do that for them. SpongeBob is silly and entertaining. That's what it's meant to be and kids enjoy that.


Theres nothing wrong with your child watching Sponge Bob its a kids show its not educational or anything its just there for entertainment and laughs for kids.


The only parents that hate sponge bob are the people that heard sponge bob might be gay. I remember when this came out. It was all over the news. Parents saw that he might be gay and then they got scared because they didnt want their kids to be gay. They are ignorant. Nothing is wrong with The Sponge! You should just totally go and watch the show cuz its VERY funny and Sponge Bob and Patrick are very caring and shows the strengths of friendship.


I don't have a problem w/ Sponge Bob. My kids love the show. I think he's a bit goofy, but I don't see the harm in that. If anything, I see the show as very creative. Who wld've ever thought of a sponge character living under the sea in a pineapple? As for Sponge Bob being gay, I never heard that rumor, but I don't doubt that people wld say that. I heard the same rumor about Tinky Winky from the Teletubbies. Some people will say anything just to complain.


To klunkle3:
LOL! I felt the EXACT same way as you about SpongeBob too and now I LOVE this show. SpongeBob is a sweet and kind character and is good to his friends. Isn't that what parents are trying to teach their children?


I have let my kids watch it since they were born pretty much. I think he is just fine. My sister in law made a rule in their house that they are not alloud to watch it. I see nothing wrong with it. My child has all A's and knows what to say and what not to. I think it boils down to kids being bad and the parents want to blame it on something else. The disney movie cars has suggestion in it but I am sure alot of parents let their kids watch it. Thats alot to understand for a 3yr old. Ya know. Also alot of shows have stupid in it. Heck a kid can pick that up on the news, or at school. Lets all go back to memory lane when we watched bugs bunny and tom and jerry. What did that teach anyone. How to blow up enemies! Seriously....quit blaming bad parenting on a show!


My 31 y/o son's favorite show was Dukes of Hazzard when he was very young. Most of his friends were not allowed to watch what I considered harmless fun.

My son has a Masters Degree and works in the banking field in a large city, while most of his friends never left the small town they all grew up in or went to college, have menial jobs and drive big pickups. Go figure!


At least they have big pickups!


I read every post here about Sponge Bob and like Synergy's the best...

"If parents did a good job teaching their children, then they wouldn't have to rely on television programming to do that for them."

It is entertainment and the real world had more offensive statements than "stupid" and "shut your pie hole" ... You kids are going to hear this stuff anyway, so why not use this as a tool.


Spongebob is a very funny show. I let my kids watch it but I always watch all shows with them so if there is anything i find morally offensive I can talk to them about it.


There are people who don't like Sponge Bob but I think it's all preference. I don't see anything wrong with it. I agree it's a bit on the sillier side.


this is just a show.let your kids watch it. i do. but it is your children. so you let them know they are not allowed to watch it.even though its a good show.;)


i agree with u. if the children do see something wrong tell them not to do it. see look at me, i watch spongebob with my children and if mr.krabs said a bad word i would tell my daughter Nykelah to not say it.


there are alot of hidden sex jokes but ur kids dont see it till theyre way older like 10+ besides it teaches life lessons


There's nothing wrong with Spongebob, he's a clueless but lovable sponge, what's not to like :) Oddly (to me anyway), it turns out there's quite a bit of discussion about SB all over the web. See here.

I used to have a collegue who wouldn't let his teenage kids watch the Simpsons because he thought it was a bad example. I didn't understand that either...the Simpsons can be challenging sometimes but the underlying message is always positive.


I think sponge bob is awsome!!! Do you?


why can't they wacth it? I think it is a good show for my kidS!!!!!