Movies and Videos
12/16/2007 at 10:04 AM

Hi Everyone,

I am wondering how many of you would be considered too strict when it comes to movies and videos.  I have been accused of that. 

We don't go to many movies or watch many new videos or watch many tv shows.

What about all of you?



PG-13. It's a big world out there. Kids are going to hear it from their friends anyway.


Hi Mimomof5.

I think that tv, movies, video games, etc...are for your discretion only, as a mom!  YOU decide and keep control of those things in your own home.  When I was a first time mom, my baby was not even a year old, and I heard another mom in a conversation say something like "I know that my kids will be exposed to all kinds of things out there in the world, and so I feel that it is my responsibility to make sure that at home they are exposed to all that is good."  I really liked that idea and have held to it.  My oldest is now 12. 

For a while I also wondered if I was too strict.  We have set limits and standards and it is important to stick to them.  It is also important to have fun and show your kids that they can have fun within those limits.  find fun, good movies that you can watch together.  One of our favorite pastimes, as a family, is quoting funny lines from movies and that makes us smile and laugh together--I can't see anything wrong with that.  I think that finding good movies and tv shows for you to watch as a family also can teach your kids what kind of humor is acceptable and good, and what kind is distasteful.  Entertainment is a huge part of our culture, so we have to teach our children how to find the good.

Setting limits is key.  My kids feel they are so deprived because my husband will not allow video games in our home, but we have found a couple of good computer games on the internet that are safe, fun, and something they can talk about with their friends, but they only get to play for 20 minutes at a time (I set the timer) and only about 2 or maybe 3 times a week.  I just want to encourage them to be active, not sitting around in front of games all day long.

Anyway, I could go on and on on a soap box, but I'll stop!  Just sharing some ideas.  Hope it helps.




I do think that it is really important, when your kids do get exposed to the PG-13 aspects of entertainment or of life, to provide context--discuss consequences, and "our family" ethics and character, and, especially if you yourself have done a course change, to talk about that as human beings, we have the option of learning from mistakes, and doing things differently.


I just saw Mr. Magorium's wonder Emporium. No reservations, it was a good movie. Saw the previews for the Chipmunk movie. Even in the previews, sexual innuendo. Over some kids heads, but I wouldn't take a teenager.


shriek is like that too. their are adult humor things in the movie but it goes right over the kids heads so i think its ok to let them see it. those things make it fun for you as a parent to watch with them! they dont see it and you get to laugh at it! if they catch on and get the joke... just simply talk about it with them and make sure they know whats right and wrong. blah blah blah. common sense yo.


I agree. Disney does this a lot. Probably over most kids' heads, but still surprising. I took the boys I used to nanny for to Spirit, an older Disney movie. It was rated G, but I cldn't believe how violent it was! Definitely not a good one for young children.


There are plenty of good nature cartoons and shows out there. My kids love Wow! Wow! Wubzzy! The show not only teaches them respect and manners, but is a show they can laugh and play along with. I highly recommend it.


Mimomof5, as a fellow mom of a larger family I understand some of your challenges, in particular when you have children who range in ages and find some content appropriate for older kids but not for your youngest. Our policy is that if it is inappropriate for the kids it is simply inappropriate. Now, contextual violence is okay in our home, like historical movies or when it serves the plot for a purpose. I will often usher the littlest guys out if I know there is something worthwhile that the older kids want to see or even something educational that is simply not age appropriate. We obviously won't be seeing slasher films for ourselves or our older kids but even those with inuendo are avoided in our home.For us, it's not cute to be rude or sexually provocative. We hold the standards for our family and what we invite in our home must fit those standards. We have no control over what we are exposed to outside the home at others' whim but we do have the ability to choose our movies, music, etc. When your children see you accept bad behaviour in your entertainment they don't see why it is wrong for them. Why is it funny in a movie for a child to sass their elders but not funny at home? If it is funny to stare at a woman's breasts in a movie why is it rude for your boy to act this way or why would you get offended if someone did so to your daughter? That may not be the best example but you get my point. Inappropriate is just inappropriate. I try to choose entertainment that reinforces our values.


I am 14 and my parents are very protective over what we watch. I think that it is a good thing. There is so much trash in the world that protecting kids from as much of it as you can is a very good thing. Obviously the kids are going to be exposed to tons of bad stuff, but let's keep that to the minimun.


I think you just have to be careful with what you allow kids to watch now, because cartoon network can be a little advanced for younger kids sometime. Also some Disney movies push the limit as well.


Sometimes I'm a little strict. It's hard sometimes with all the non-sense that is being put out through the media. Are you strict for yourself or are you referring to a child?


Which movies do you think are pushing the limits?


I think movies like Batman or X-men appeal to many young children, but in all truth, they are quite violent (at least Batman was; I'm not sure about X-men b/c I haven't seen it). My boys are into super heros, but other than the cartoons, I wldn't allow them to watch these movies.


You shouldn't be so hectic about what your chioldren watch cause what they not seeing at home they will learn in school with their friends or in the streets or somewhere else without your supervisions......



Saw Joyful Noise. That was a fun movie.