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Childrens Programs Today
08/30/2007 at 15:11 PM

If you think back to when you were a child and the prgrams you watched whether they were educational or not, how do they compare to the programs children are watching now? Do you think children shows are better or have worse quality now then when you were a child?

I felt more of a connection with the charcters...I it seems just like the same recycled stuff over and over and over...


What do you think the TV shows are (if any) that are worth watching for the 7-12 year old group?  Are they only for kids, or do you like them too?  If you could do it, what would you put on TV?


Do you remember TIME TUNNEL?  I think a good time travel show that teaches real history is always fun.  What was the one with Scott Bakula?  It got into every-day life, too, so that was fun.  That's my nostalgia talking.  If you have cable, there's some good stuff on the discovery channel  "How it's made" comes to mind. 

I haven't seen good fiction shows for children in a long time.  They seem to end up modelling behavior that is just wrong, and don't spend as much time on normal behavior as I'd like.  There is so little that is useful for kids to watch, but then again, kids that age ought to be doing more and watching less, so I guess it's all right.


I think the programs my kids watch are much more educational. I think our society has developed more subtle ways of teaching using technology and television.

Children shows are by far now better and more educational.

My little one has been watching "Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!" and can't get enough of it. I feel like he's really connected to the show, and the characters. The characters don't use inappropriate language and they treat each other with respect. As a mom, I think this particular show is really great.

My kids love Dora and Diego. They already know some spanish wrds, and we're not spanish. I think a lot of today's shows are very educational, but you still need to be cautious about certain shows for certain age groups.

In Britain, I feel that children's programmes have improved vastly in the last 30 or so years. The children I look after now have better programmes now than my children did. I think it is the same though for school programmes and some adult shows. I know some people say that they think presenters of documentary shows are 'dumming down' to get their information across but I see it as reaching a bigger audience, and when it comes to all things educational that is a good thing. If I had had some of the school programmes they have now instead of the dry old-fashioned way teachers of my era got their message across I might have enjoyed school a lot more, and done better.

I think Blue's Clues is great for kids. I've always loved Arthur on PBS too, it has a great storyline.

My daughter enjoys watching Franklin, Little Bear, Max and Ruby and SpongeBob and I really wish I had these shows when I was growing up.

I grew up watching Sesame Street, Reading Rainbow, and other shows. I lived on PBS. I don't think cartoons are as educational as they were when we were growing up.