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6 yr olds shouldn't be watching horror films
08/07/2007 at 16:41 PM
I have a friend that lets her 6yr old son watch very bad horror films,and I feel she needs to be warned of the effects what do I do????????

I agree that at the age of 6 a child should not be exposed to certain films, books, games and etc. The child's ability to process and understanding what is in front of them is more difficult than it would be for an adult.  There are many positive things to expose a 6 year old to that would reap more benefits such as sports, theatre, mystery books and the list can go on and on.

This young child will not develop progressively. He is being grounded by fictional, non-reality life and he also will not rest properly throughout the night. Some parents dont understand that what we as adult are capable of handling our children aren't, and ignorantly think that the child will eventually be exposed to negativity anyway but they are not mentally prepared. Explain to your friend that she's doing more harm than good.



Thank you I feel the same way.I don't care if they think the child knows its fake or not,its just absolutely wrong.A child that young doesnt have the mental ability to determine that.Our children are growing up so fast,and I can't quite figure out why some parents want to be ignorant,and speed up the process..Thank you though I wanted to make sure it wasnt just me.

dear hl6308, i think you  shouldn,t worry unless the child is very scared or it does it by it self. unless she,s  mentaly trying toscare the child.


If they are a real friend, they should be able to handle honesty. I would wait until the right time and then bring it up gently.


I'm going to say this...I am in favor of horror movies for kids...OLD horror movies, black and whites, no ratings, rubber monsters and no blood after gunshots.

From the time I was 3 to the time I was 10, we had 3, count 'em THREE horror movies in our whole movie collection, 1958's The Blob, and 1959's The Bat and House on Haunted Hill, all personal favorites of mine, and all of which I would gladly recommend to anybody who prefers the older movies and a more general touch of horror instead of what passes for horrorifying entertainment today. Then when I was 10 my brother got the original 1968 "Night of the Living Dead", freaked me out but I loved it, but by that time I knew the difference in movies and reality.

I say if you're going to let your kids watch these newer gorier movies, save it for when they're teenagers and can handle it for sure.




well try to talk with her about how bad it is to watch bad horror films.It could work she could listen to you and use your idea or maybe she want.Just go for if she dosen't do it just leave keep talking and maybe she will listen the last time.DO IT!


there are ratings on movies for a reason!


No child under the age of 12 should be able to watch horror films. PG-13 is sort of ok as long as it has no sexual content or cursing, but no Rated R movies.


Horror films scare me so 6 year-olds shouldn't be whatching them. If she's really your friend the least she will do is consider your opinion.


When I was 5 years old I was going to the movies to see rated R movies all the time with my parents.  It never bothered me.  Maybe because my parents taught me the difference between movies and real life.  When it came to horror films, my mother would have to see the movie first to see if it would be ok with me.  If the film is like the Scream movies it would have been ok but films like the Exorcist and Poltergeist were a definet no no.  To this day I wouldn't look at those.  You have to remember, that is her child and not yours.  If she wants her 6 year old watching horror films that's her business.  Don't worry yourself about somone elses child.


I tend to agree that you shouldn't worry yourself over someone else's child. My friend lets her kids watch anything they are watching. There are 3 children (14, 7, 5). This is done as a convenience factor. If her and her husband are watching a scary show they don't want to have to send the girls out of the room. So they just let them watch anything. I don't agree with this at all and she knows how I feel about it. The scariest thing my daughter watches is also movies like Jurassic Park (age 7). She is usually watching things like Disney Channel or age appropriate videos. My daughter knows how to check the ratings on a film and she knows she can't watch it (unless I feel it's okay) if it's not G or PG. And in most cases there are a lot of PG-13 movies that are okay. Each parent has to be the judge of what they expose their child to. All children are different and all families are different. Even though my friend lets her daughter's watch anything they all seem to be pretty well adjusted, well behaved kids. 


Kids are like sponges.  What they see and hear is never forgotten so we have to be careful what we're exposing our children to.  If it bothers you that much and you are good friends with this gal, certainly say something to her.  I would doubt she'll change based on something you said but perhaps you'd feel better having said it.  http://www.kidcrowd.com


i think its disgusting to allow a child so young to watch horrors a kid cant understand its not real and could have damaging effects when older, tell your mate you knew somebody who let their kiddy watch them and they grew up to be evil!!!



If she really is your friend, she should be able to understand your feelings about it. However, I would think most parents do not like it when other people tell them how they're raising their kids, even when it comes down to something like allowing children to watch certain types of movies.

I was about 9 years old when I watched "Scream" and I turned out alright. :) It just depends on the type of horror movie. While a movie like Frankenstein or The Birds could be okay for a 6 year old to watch, movies like Hostel or The Hills Have Eyes are much too inappropriate.


Loopylou, are you saying people should lie about the evils of media to stir up sentiment against it? Many of us probably heard a story about a boy who broke his leg when he jumped off the roof trying to fly like Superman. I myself heard this story growing up. Then, in college, I discovered it in an encyclopedia of urban legends, where it explained that the story was invented in the 1950's to convince parents and politicians that comic books were dangerous. Unless you have firsthand true knowledge of someone becoming unstable due to fascination with horror movies, do not make things up.

As for this kid, some monster movies could be okay, though nothing with blood or gore. If he starts bragging about how he can handle it, my advice is, show him one, and let him see for himself. If he does get scared or start having nightmares, turn it into a positive experience. Use it to help him practice ways to confront and conquer his fears, a skill that will be invaluable when he is older.


On a point of  'I did/saw/experienced etc and I turned out okay, how valid is that. My Mum used to clip my sisters and  me round the ear when we were young [1950's acceptable chastisement] and I turned out okay. But that doesn't make it acceptable or right. It could have caused major problems with our hearing or even in extreme cases, brain damage. This is the 21st century and hopefully we have learned from a lot of mistakes made by our parents and grandparents. 


My 24 year old sons has a mental problem....psycosis? Bipolar? we dont know. Hes has 3 breakdowns in 6 years. Althoug their are many factors creating these problems.... One was I was with an awful man for 3-4 years. I didnt realize the damage he did on my children. At the time I thought I took good care of them and yes I was there most of the time. Its a complicated story but one thing Ive learned is that child hood emotional abuse causes long lasting effects. Depending on the childs personality it all effects them different. Back to my son, each time he has a breakdown his anger to my exs comes out.Normally he is the mosat gentle person. He becomes psychotic and this last time while off in his own little world he said " He use to make us watch those terrible movies" or horror movies I never use to let them watch them but I guess at times I wasnt there he did. My daughter said it use to horrify her even though "she wanted to watch" YOU CANT LET YOUR CHILD DECIDE http://www.cfc-efc.ca/docs/mnet/00001068.htm check out this article It explains at different ages how the brain absorbs info My son was 7-11 during these times We cant say these caused his problems...just a factor but since he mentioned it during his episode its something to think about.

yeah def. listen to this guy. those older scary movies are great for 6 year olds. feel you kids out and see how mature they are when they are 12 or 13 then move them up to rob zombie movies. show them the classics like Wolf Man or Creature from the black lagoon! maybe even comedy scary like laurel and hardy meet frankenstein or mel brooks young frankenstein. the kids will love it! things with emotional terror are not good for a young child. it its got cannibalism or necrophilia in it, you should probably wait to introduce them to it till they are in high-school. use common sense. it the kid seems ready do it. if not then wait. 6 is probably way too young.

My husband loves to watch scary movies. One day he put a zombie movie on w/ our 2 young kids in the room. I told him to take it off b/c I didn't feel it was appropriate for their ages. He took it off but felt there was no harm in it. He claims he watched that kind of stuff as a kid all the time. My kids love anything "scary"--witches, ghosts, monsters.... They love watching Scooby Doo and the Disney movie, Monsters Inc. I don't have a problem w/ these b/c I don't see them as violent or threatening. The only problem we've faced is w/ our little guy who's woken up saying he's afraid of the dark. Now we have a night light in our kids' room, and that seems to be working. I agree, though. Kids shld be monitored as to what they watch. They may be curious and want to watch certain shows, but it's up to parents to restrict their kids' viewing of inappropriate programs. Common sense can go a long way.

well it won't help them sleep at night but i do remember watching these movies at a young age and i turned out fine. i sleep with every light on to this day...that not weird right?? jk

I would mind my own business and not try to raise other peoples children.

I wldn't call it "weird", but it definitely won't help your electricity bill. Ha!