Trying to Connect with My Mother
10/11/2010 at 08:34 AM

I'm fifteen years old, and my mother and I haven't gotten along for the last three years. Our relationship has definately gotten worse since my father died last December. I can understand how my mom can be stressed out about the hospital bills, being left to do the farming and having to raise my brother and I alone. But she's not giving anyone a break. My mother found out that I had sex with my boyfriend of nine months -- I know, i'm fifteen and too young for this. I know the health risks and such. But I am in love with this boy. He's 18 now, and I really can't imagine life without him. He has been the only thing keeping me strong through all of my struggles and issues. I am not too young to be in love with my boyfriend. -- In the last few months I have tried everything I can to avoid fights and to help around the house. I've pulled my grades up to all As except on B+, but that doesnt even please her. It just seems like everything I do is wrong. I try to have casual, normal conversations with her and she blocks me out. I just want this to change so I don't lose her when I go off to college or move out.

-Does anyone have any advice to how I can help connect with her?