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Wishful Thinking on Pregnancy?
06/05/2011 at 01:40 AM

My period usually comes just like clock work. I'm not due to start this months until the 12th. Last day of unprotected sex was on May 29th. I swear I can feel something different but, is it possible I'm making myself believe I'm pregnant when I'm not? Or can some people really feel it that soon? Also, I'm 30 years old & have never been pregnant before.

It might be that you are aware of a pregnancy. I was aware of an ovulation one time, so I think it's possible. Care of yourself in early stages of pregnancy is about the same as usual. Be extra careful to avoid sunburn, don't drink alcohol or smoke. Apart from that, keep doing all the healthy things you always do!

Thank you for your comment. I'm crossing my fingers for it. Never crossed my mind about the sunburn though. Thanks again.