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Menarche Versus Menopause - Can ONE cause the OTHER?
05/07/2012 at 06:12 AM

Please bare with me as I'm trying to put a study together that's a little too close to home...

My wife is 42 come June... my daughter 14 (also June.)
As of two years ago TODAY, my daughter began her feminine journey toward adulthood. That was the last day my wife's cycle has been anything resembling normal.

Family history: Nothing out of the ordinary has yet to be found on her side of the family tree... no extreme menarche or menopause cases found going back roughly 5 generations. No diseases, surgeries, PAP is clean, cancers... nothing.

Two months ago I sent her into the OB/GYN office and though it's well overdue (PAP), her FSH levels were (for a lack of better words) way off the charts for where they should be at her age, height, weight, etc. The ONLY common factor I have to go on was her 40th birthday "present" - or lack thereof.

Now... comes the twist. Neither my wife NOR my daughter have anything that resemble normality. (I can see a young girl going up to a year with calamity in this area, but two years is seriously pushing it.)

My next move is to see whether or not my daughter is even truly menstruating (ovulation tests are inexpensive AND most importantly, non-evasive.) If, within a month or two she's showing the cycle is in fact trying... then I'm in a jam. (Labs cost an average of $1,200 AFTER my insurance and with a bit of financial distress, it's not another bill I can truly afford to put on the books just yet, but I can't let something like this slide for any length of time for risk that my daughter, who is otherwise perfectly fit and properly fed, could have underlying issues pending which could affect her future in a horrible way.)

The "question" is somewhat simple though I highly doubt the answer will be... based on the possible "coincidence" of when my daughter started and her mom became unstable (since she was a teen, 28 days like clock-work until then) is it possible and/or are there any papers on...

1. Menarche causing such a high surge in pheromones which could (possibly) have a negative impact on other women within long-term, close environments?

2. The opposite effect... a women who would legitimately being going into menopause, would it even be theoretically possible they're putting of "scents" which could adversely affect someone just starting off?

I know of the papers and research from the 1970's onward that discuss women synchronizing their cycles whom have close contact for long terms, but I have yet to find anything of this area where the women/girls in question were on the opposite sides of the spectrum.

Ideas, theories, resources, suggestions... everything remotely related is welcome and appreciated. (My wife and I have been trying for the past year to put just "one more" name on the family roster and it goes without saying that when someone's FSH levels were just recently tested at above 80 and her "norm" for this age is expected at less than 12 it's disheartening, but if it's possible they're "competing" with one another chemically, I'm in need of ideas to find ways to test, prove or disprove and act accordingly.)

Thanks for everything!

Your wife should have a physical exam. She could have a polyp.

She had... 1. Pre-conception exam 2. "Human-Physical exam" (or at least that's how the bill shows it, which is merely a physical look-see) 3. PAP plus labs The polyp was one of a few ideas that were tossed around in the back of my mind (polyp/fibroids/etc.) but even a polyp on one ovary wouldn't leave her numbers "off the charts" - it would technically "rotate" where FSH would sky-rocket only when that one particular ovary was being asked to do its job; things should be more closer to normal when the other was asked. (It's POSSIBLE for a cyst on both... but the odds aren't generally in that direction.) She has a return exam next month which may be a little more revealing, but when the OB/GYN says "...if you were taking birth control, don't bother; there's a ZERO chance..." things get a little awkward, especially when my 13 year old daughter is experiencing the same PHYSICAL symptoms (which I somehow have to get her scheduled as well.)