I want a baby and I dont think I can have one..
01/06/2011 at 08:45 AM

When I was with my ex fiancee we wanted a baby and were planing the wedding so we could try to get pregnant and then get married because we both wanted it that way and we tired and tried and after almost 6 months of trying I took my last pregnancy test and still nothing and after that day all we ever did was fight and then we took a break and he found someone else because trying to and couldnt get pregnant broke us us because we didnt think we could ever have one... well a few months after we broke up I met someone and he and I have been together for almost a year now and he has a a baby thats just over a year old but the parents of the babys mom have her and we are trying to get her and we want to give her a little brother or sister and we are getting married in 5 or 6 months and I still dont think I can get pregnant. We havent been trying to hard but we havent been preventing it either. I want a baby weather its now or 3 years from now I just want a baby and be the best parent I can be, but he is going back and forth with the "I want one" and "I dont want one yet" and we will try all week when we think its the right time and then the week after he'll say "I sure hope your not pregnant" and it hurts. I just dont know what to do? Help me

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Hi Rhonda, pleased to meet you. I'm June, 56, four children aged between 21 and 37, three grandchildren aged between 3 and 12, and I am an Early Years Practitioner.