01/26/2011 at 07:39 AM

hey guys, i had sex 3 days ago on the 23rd jan, and i did a test today(3 days later) i had a feeling that i had to check!, because i did have unprotected sex, and the test cam back positive!, can i be pregnant 3 days after having unprotected sex??

Has he had a DNA test done? If so, and he is the father, then he needs to persue parental rights through the courts.


Ditto what 2X said. Dad needs to stop asking for these peoples permission to see his kid and start the process. First thing is to petition the courts for a DNA test to establish paternity. If the results cme back that he is the father, and mother has signed over her rights to the child, depending on what state you live in, dad could get full custody. Do not wait too long to start this. In the mean time, pay nothing for child support, it could be considered a gift. If the child needs clothes or diapers offer to buy what the child needs. This is not a case for a divorce attorney. Dad needs to call jis local BAR Assoc and get a list of attorney's who specialize in parental rights. Good luck.


Now that I went on my rant;typo's and all, I'll answer your question. Dad, because mom and dad were not married at the time of the childs birth, has no rights until paternity is established. Get an attorney mucho pronto, or look in your area for a parents rights support group that can help with filing court papers and procedures.


I have a question, and I'm not assuming I know the answer, I just wonder.
Does he really want to be a daddy, to make the sacrifices that daddies make? Does he want to always live in the same town as his little girl so he can see her often enough and for long enough to have a real relationship? Does he want to be there to celebrate her successes and help her cope with her failures? Does he want to teach her what a real man looks like, so that when she starts looking for a man, she knows what to look for? Does he want her to take first place in his concern, even if that means that he doesn't have other children? And if he does, why didn't he seek visitation before the grandma started seeking financial support? Is this about him having his parental rights, or is it about her having a parent?


If there really is no financial need, it seems to me that the grandma's agenda might just be to get this man to step up emotionally. "Where your treasure is, there will your heart be, also." Luke 12:34


Animated, glad to hear that you will be involved in you daughters life. Too many dad's feel it is an impossible battle to undertake and allow the mother to make all the decisions as to when or if they may see their child/children. If our children are not worth fighting for, what is? Congrats to you and your daughter.