Traveling without Child
07/15/2010 at 18:31 PM

I will be leaving in 6 weeks to go to Germany for 6 weeks for work. Unfortunately, my son (8 years old) will not be going with me. He will be staying at home with his father.

School will have been in session for 2 weeks when I leave, so I hope the "newness" will have worn off.

This is the 1st time I have left my son for more than a long weekend getaway. We will be using Skype to communicate back and forth daily at a scheduled time.

Another idea I have is to pre-write him letters with a little activity or a question for him to find out that day so he can answer when we talk on Skype that evening.

I am trying to come up with things for him so the distance doesn't seem so far away.

Does anyone have ideas or advice for me?

As a mom, I don't want to leave my child. But this is important for my job. It is hard to feel like you are choosing between job and family.