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Top 10 Punishments
08/20/2010 at 14:10 PM

Ok, so my teen & tween love to drive me crazy and on occasion need to be punished. As an evil parent I'm always looking for a punishment that not only works, but fits the crime.

I felt other evil parents might feel the same way, so I'm going to list my top ten (in no particular order) and ask you to list yours(doesn't have to be 10).

1. Take away the cell phone.
2. Take away all other electronics (tv,dvr,psp,dsi,ipod,mp3,etc)
3. Make them clean their room.
4. Make them wash dishes (by hand)
5. Make them read a book.
6. Make them write a letter of apology.
7. Take away make-up & hair straightner.
8. Ground them (no going anywhere but school).
9. Make them perpetrator do the others chores.
10.Drive them to school in my PJ's and get out and hug them.

Looking forward to seeing other lists. Wouldn't mind seeing one for younger kids.