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Today's Parental Academic Expectations
08/12/2010 at 23:02 PM

I have been asked to speak to our teachers at a private school regarding the expectations of today's parents in the world of academics. What are some of your expectations and how have they changed over the years?
Thanks for any insight.

I think the bullying issue is a complicated one. On the one hand, there are some children who have never developed the emotional resilience and social skills necessary to decide whether a problem is serious enough to get the adults involved. For those children, the school serves as a laboratory to develop those skills. On the other hand, I've always taught my children to involve an adult ONLY if they feel they are in physical danger AND if they have tried to defuse the situation with humor and/or with an assertive discussion.

Academic expectations, hmmm.... I expect my children to follow the rules, do their homework and study for tests. I expect their teachers to uphold their rules, be concise, and provide my child the necessary information to do well on their tests. I expect my children's teachers to help my child when they are having difficulties. I expect my child to ask for help when they don't understand something. Sadly my expectations aren't always met. When my highschooler started having difficulty in honors math her teacher actually suggested she drop honors classes, we found her a tutor instead. When my middle schooler couldn't find the answer to a question in her history book, her teacher said he had mentioned the answer briefly in a prior class and only those who were truly paying attention would be able to get full marks on that particular assignment. Basically what I'm saying is; my child is doing their best to learn, I expect their teacher to do their best to teach, if my child hits a stumbling block their teacher should do their best to help them. Or maybe you meant not how they teach, but what they are teaching? Well I don't expect the schools to get brand new books every year and teach an entirely new curriculum each year. Though it would be refreshing if some teachers would stop teaching the same thing the same way year after year, both my girls are able to recite a certain teacher's lesson plan nearly word for word and it's slightly scary to think in 5 years that my now 1st grader will be hearing the same thing. I doubt this was helpful, but it was nice getting to vent.