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throat problem , please help
07/13/2010 at 07:13 AM

hello all
this is more than 4 years that my mother has a problem with her throat.small particle of EVERYTHING she eat remain in her throat and she coughing until it comes out . She is really in troble so try to eat less than usual . she went to evey doctor but nothing improve so everyone who has the same problem and maybe know the name of this please HELP.
thank you in advance

Did she go to an Ear, Nose and Throat dr? I can't imagine why no one can find a solution for your mom's problem. Especially if she's having trouble swallowing whole foods, this can affect how much she eats or worse, she can choke. I'm no medical professional, but until your mom finds out what's going on, maybe she shld puree her food so she's still getting the proper nutrients, but only in a softer form to minimize the risk of choking. In any case, don't give up seeking help. Maybe there's a blockage or something else going on that requires more than just changing the foods your mom eats. I wld take your mom to the emergency room and request the necessary tests and x-rays. I wld also recommend you do your own research on this and see what you come up w/. I'm sorry I have no answers for you, but I hope this helps somewhat. Good luck.

Difficulty swallowing can be attributed to a number of things. Your mother needs to ask her doctor to refer her to an ENT to have an endoscopy performed. In the mean time, as long as she is not aspirating liquids, she should stick with soft foods and liquids. The causes for this problem can range from aging to serious diseases, it is important that she be assertive with the doctor. If one doctor does not have the answer, move on to the next one.