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Very disrespectful stepson
10/07/2009 at 15:16 PM

Hi there im new looking for good advice.My husband and I have been married for 2 years and together for five. He has three kids from his ex-wife I have one from a previous realiship and we have one together.My child from my previos realiship is 9 his kids are 12 9 6 and the one we have together is almost 3. one girl 4 boys. Here is my problem thats tearing us up. His 10 year old is soo disrespectful to me only when his father is not around. Smart mouth not listening to a word I say. I have all the kids every morning every evening till 6 and we have them every weekend so he does get too see them quite a bit. their still here when he gets home from work for 2 hours then they go with their mother.Just this week so far I had trouble with his 10 year old being a huge butt The bad thing is my husband ALWAYS finds a reason why he is beig a jerk to me.and he never gets displined for his actions. Another problem that goes hand in hand with that is that my 9 year old cant do nothing rite. my sons father never been in his life when i met my husband he took the roll of being a father to him. My son always asks me why does he get away with everything? I tried talking proving what he does nothing works. And my 9 year old has ADD and he gets upset with him for alot of things that i know he cant help (for some of it anyway) I'm at my witts end with it I know its hurting our marrage. I know how favortism feels it was done to me as a child i dont want none of our kids to feel that i always make a point not to. Then the rest of the kids see how the 10 year old treats me and it starting with them as well. If any of the other kids treated me this way he have them grounded in a heartbeat He lets the 10 year old get away with everything. The other kids dont get away with nothing. The 10 year old has kicked me, yelled at me and he has only got grounded for a week (for the kicking part) Its got to the point that I dont even try to argue with the 10 year old about nothing. Everything he told to do he got a smart comment for. The girl she the oldest is getting upset over it asking me why her father does this. Im to my witts end. with it all. Any advice on this issue is welome and thank you

I think the mother of this child needs to step in. Also, if your husband refuses to assist you in disciplining his son, you shld think seriously about your relationship and the impact it's having on you and the other children in this family. Have you tried family counceling? Do whatever you can b/c it sounds like you really want to make things work. However, if all else fails, maybe you shld reconsider your relationship w/ your husband. The welfare of you and your children comes first. Remember that. Your husband needs to give a sincere effort and he and his ex need to be the ones raising their children. This responsibility shldn't be falling so much on you as this seems to be the case. Think about it, talk to your husband, and together decide how you will salvage your marriage if that's really what you both want. Best of luck to you.