STEPMOM ADVICE NEEDED! My husband refuses to parent!
05/09/2012 at 01:02 AM

HELP! I am so tired of my husband REFUSING to be a father to his children! My 14 yo stepdaughter has destroyed her room with make up and food! Empty fruit cups and 9 drink boxes all over the floor! Sharpening her eyeliner over the carpet and grinding it in while walking on it! Leaving makeup filled finger smudges all over her sheets (purposely wiping her fingers on her bed!) There were apple cores on her floor, nail polish on my grandmothers blanket, a bowl of cereal milk left up there and so on and so on... Far too much to type! He has "talked" to her a few times before but there are NEVER any consequences to her actions! I feel she is allowed to behave this way because he doesn't teach her otherwise! Obviously his way doesn't work... As she continues to behave this way! When I privately talk to him about how would handle this ... Expecting a give and take discussion... I am quite literally met with silence. He "talked" to her again... And she cleaned a few spots out if the carpet but nothing else! He said he "can't always chech up on them to make sure they follow through"... Huh??.. Isnt that part of parenting... Teaching kids to be accountable for their actions! If I were to discipline, he doesn't back me at all and allows his ex to get involved in it after the kids run to her about me! Seriously, why shouldn't I be able to tell her to clean it up or work off the $300 damage and have my husband support me?!?! I am at my breaking point with him and his total lack of parenting!