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Stepdaughter cleaning up...
10/24/2012 at 15:19 PM

A few months ago my stepdaughter came home and told my husband and I she was cleaning up cat feces off the floor at her mom's house (her mom's boyfriend cleans the litter box, which 4 cats use, once a week when he is home). She was 4 at the time. We assumed correctly that her mother was pregnant. Now she and her mother have moved back into her grandmother's house, and she told me today that she is STILL cleaning up after cats - which mostly confuses me because 4 other people live there besides our daughter and her mother. Maybe this is just an opinion we share, but it is infuriating my husband and I. I can't imagine watching my 5 year old child clean up nasty cat poop & pee off the floor and feel like a good parent. I don't know what to do about it, or if there is anything we can do. Does anyone have any opinions on this kind of thing?

That's terrible! I'm not sure how to make it stop other then scare tactics and putting your foot down. Younge children are not supposed to touch cat fesces because they could catch cat scratch fever. I know when I was pregnant all the books also said to avoid it. I know a child who got it and was put in the hospitol for a long stay. She was seriously ill. After that I don't really let my daughters around cats unless they have had shots and are very well taken care of.

I'm so glad someone is on the same page with us.. We have already tried talking to her mother about it but she is in denial for some reason and keeps saying that there's no one else to help but their child. About a week after we found out we asked our daughter if her mom was mad that we spoke to her about it and she said, "Yes. She told me not to tell you and daddy again." It's so frustrating. If we told her about catch scratch fever I'm about 99% sure she would just deny that it exists! They have about 6 dogs and 4 cats in the house and the doctor recently told us that there was a good possibility that she's allergic to animals because she's been congested for almost 4 months. I told her mom and grandmother and the next time I picked our daughter up she told me, "My mom and grammy said I'm not allergic to animals."

Oh my goodness I would be so upset. They need to stop being in denial and making excuses. It sounds to me like they are being a little lazy and selfish and not putting the child first. That's such a hard situation but her father should have some say. They really shouldn't teach her to lie to y'all or keep secrets either. What message does that send? They are teaching her that you all aren't the authority and it's okay to keep secrets and fib. Im sorry this is happening and I wish you the best.