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step daughter out of control
04/07/2010 at 12:21 PM

my step daughter is out of control, she is very violent to me, hit, kicks throws thing at me she is 15, i have two other girls 6 and 4, i am scared that she is going to go after the little ones. just the on eater monday she lost her mind because she was talking to my 6yr old in a bad tone of voice and i told her to watch her tone, then she told me to f*** off, amoung other things, i told her to watch her mouth and then she went off the handle swering, screaming she hit me with a broom handle accross my back, punched me about 20 times in the headtryed to kick me in the nuts, said she wanted me to die told my kids to shut the f*** up when the stold her to stop. so i took my kids away and when i was walking out the door sh punched me in the baqack of the head and said i hope you all die. i dont want my kids around her my kids did not want to go home because of her and they dont need to see this, she is seeing doctors to see if she is bipolar her grandmother is, the only time she is good is when she wants some thing, and after she gets her way its back to this(and when she is nice it is a phoney nice if you know what i mean), on monday i took her to get some new shoes and when we got home this is what went on, she has been like as soon as my 6yr old was born she has said that she hates her, because i treat her diffrent and i love her more, well this is true i find it very hadr to want to do anything with her after the things she does to me and us, is this wrong? i could go on for days about her. i dont know what to do. dont want to lose my wife because of her, my wife feels the same way we just dont know what to do with her. her dad does not want anything to do with her because of the way she is.

All children deserve to be loved. You don't have to love your step-child (especially like your own kids) but I really hope your attitude that her dad "doesn't want anything to do with her b/c of the way she is" doesn't come across to her. Kids are more perceptive than you think. Sounds like you are in a tough position though. If this girl physically attacks you by hitting you with broomsticks, punching you repeatedly and generally terrorizing you, I think you should call the police. It sounds like this girl needs serious counseling. Her behavior shows that she is really crying out and begging for you (or probably her mother) to pay attention and help her. In any event, you need to work on fixing this problem as a family. Otherwise, you might debate moving out for a while. If the situation really is as you describe, you have to think of your own kids. They shouldn't be subjected to this level of dysfunction.

Neither you nor your children are safe. See a family law attorney today. Maintain your marriage if you wish, but you need to be in a separate household from this girl.