Step daughter
01/20/2011 at 16:16 PM

My step daughter is 14 and my husband and I have had 70%+ custody of her since she was 3> SHe chose to call me mom on her own when I was always there and her bio mom was never there. Over the past year her mom has been at her ball games and had her regularly. She struggles in school and we hold her accoutable. The bio mother does not and gives her what ever she wants. Now 8 years later her mom wants to be a mom and our daughter has "runaway" to live with her. SHe says she wants nothing to with anymore. This is the third time she has done this and this ( in the past we have forced her to come home) now she is older and this time it is affecting the 3 other kids we have. SHe says horrible things and tells us to leave her alone she is tired of us making her feel guilty for leaving. Sometimes I want to call her and explain to her that you don' hurt others to get what you want. and other days I want to just let go. But as a mom I can't. Her mom thinks it is fine because we have had her her whole life. ( yea because you didn't want her) We live in the same town.