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Son and x's boyfriend
03/23/2011 at 12:30 PM

My ex's new boyfriend gave my 15 year old son the april issue of a xxx porn mag called 18eighteen. My son said that his mom laughed it off.I confronted my ex about this but she shrugged it off then finally admitted that it was just a "silly mistake". The images and language in the mag are VERY crud and this was the 2nd encounter my sons had with this man.I feel strongly that this was totally inappropriate for her boyfriend to do and that my ex was not doing her job as a mon. I'm not sure if she even examined the mag to see it's contents. I feel this was sending a very sick message about the kind of guys my ex is dating to my son. Someone please tell me, am I over reacting or should I tell my ex I am thinking about gaining full custody of our boys.

Help! confused single dad.

Don't tell her you are thinking about anything. Make a decision one way or the other. Then follow through. Have a discussion with the new guy. Man to man. You are the dad, and it's your job to stand up for your son.

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Yes, try for custody, and as was said do not tilt your hand as to your intentions. I do not think the man to man talk will be fruitfull at this time. I would send a letter to your ex via certified mail with a return reciept. I would explain that this is not the first incident and that it may be inviolation with local laws for an adult to give a minor such materials.