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Should I let him call me mom?
08/27/2013 at 16:38 PM

I need a bit of advise, but first I should give you some background. I have a 10yr old stepson. My husband, stepson and I have all lived together for nearly 2 years now. We have 50/50 custody and visitation. We have a week on week off parenting schedule. This works great for us and my stepson's mom. Needless to say his mother is very much a part of his life. But about 6 months ago my SS asked if he could call me mom. I told him that "I was very honored, but he cant call me mom because he already has one silly" said "you only ever get 1 mom, and from what I hear yours is awesome" I make a point of always respecting his mom in his presence. Even though it is def not something she does in return. He has asked a few times since then, it breaks my heart to tell him no even though he seems to want it so bad. I think in a way calling me mom is just his way of calling me "female parent figure", I doubt he thinks it disrespectful to his mom the way I do. I feel my stepson is looking for a nuclear family. Mom, dad, 2 kids, pets.... You see my stepson's parents havent been a couple as far back as he can remember, and his mother is gay and has been married to her partner for a number of years. I feel he is looking for the picture perfect family. I am currently pregnant, and i I only see his desire to call me mom to increase once his sibling starts calling me mom. I am hoping to hear some great ideas on other alternative names iI can be called, other woman's similar experience and the solutions that worked for their family. Please refrain from attacking me, calling me names, or other distastful things that you see in these forums. I am trying my best to stay the bigger person and stay respectful to a woman who has been nothing but horrible to me for absolutly no reason. So you can spare the insults. I don't want to make my stepson feel I don't want him to be "mine" by me asking him not to call me mom. But I also don't want to fuel the fire that is his mother. what should I do?

Hi so my daughter who is 15 year old who is having a few problems her dad passed away 6 months ago and he stepmam promised that Lauren (my daughter ) was going to get some of his things well it's been 6 months and her stepmam is completely blanking her not answering her text or email or phone calls I have noticed a change in her behaviour what could I do or what could my daughter do to get her dads things she's missing him terribly and is finding it super hard not having him around Evan tho she never seen him a lot please help she is willing to do anything for her daddy's things