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resenting stepson ive raised since 1yo
09/18/2011 at 09:06 AM

My stepson is 3 and a half and he has lived w me
and his dad since age 1. His bio mom never really
bonded w him and abandoned him as soon as her and
his dad split (he was only w her for the baby) and i
am the only mom he knows. He doesnt see bio mom
or know she is his mom at this point. And i have
defended our situation for yrs saying that despite
biology im his mom. I have raised him as a SAHM
and been there thru everything But now i am 5mo
pregnant and i find myself resenting stepson soo
much i feel like this sacredness of my 1st baby is
tainted bc dh did this with another woman. I feel
like we are splitting down the middle, dh and his kid
and me and my baby. Im the one who fought so
hard for stepson to live w us and now i just want
him gone. He is a good kid and doesnt deserve this i
just dont know how to deal anymore. I thought i
loved him like my own but now i realize what i didnt
have w stepson and all the bonding we missed and
what a difference it is.

You really need to talk this through with a professional. Part of what you are feeling is probably due to hormonal changes, but you need to find out before you ruin your stepson's life. You are the only mother he has known and you are going to blow his life apart if you don't get some help. He is a small innocent child who relies on you. There is more to being a mother than being pregnant and giving birth. The real part happens after the birth. You have already done this with your stepson. Please, please, get some sort of counselling for the sake of the entire family.