Question for Adult Step Children
02/01/2011 at 18:31 PM

For those of you who grew up with step-parents, and didn't (or still don't) get along with them, what were the reasons?

What were things your step-mother and/or step-father did that caused you to feel this way?

What advice would you give to well-meaning step-parents who truly want a good relationship with their stepkids and unfortunately do not have this with them, even now when they are adults?

Appreciate the insights...

Look up characteristics of a gifted 6 year old to see if your son is actually gifted. If he is, then he may be bored with the curriculum offered by the school he is attending.


If your school district does not offer the testing at your son's age, a private psychologist can do the testing. Call your school district administration office to find out what testing, if any, is offered.


One of the skills that children need to develop during the kindergarten year is self-regulation. This is the ability to put a moment's thought between a perceived need and acting on that need. The lack of this may be what you are perceiving as problems with authority. Children with good self-regulation can think about how to get their needs met within the structure of the system they are in. Children who lack the ability to regulate themselves actually benefit from more structure. It would be good if you increased structure and limits within your own home, to provide him with the opportunity to develop this ability.

Children don't mature all in a cohesive lump. He may be intellectually advanced, but behind in other areas.