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11 y.o. s.d. telling younger kids to kiss.
02/04/2013 at 21:55 PM

My husband and I were at a Super Bowl party last night with his 11 year old daughter. There were 4 little girls there all under the age of four and one boy age 7. My sd always loves kids and seems to do a wonderful job with them and they gravitate towards her. However my friend who hosted the party contacted me today to let me know that my sd was telling her son to kiss another friends 4 yo daughter with their tongues. In addition she told the boy to sit on the same girls back and asked them if it felt good. I am absolutely mortified and embarrassed! We found this out late tonight and my sd does not live with us so my husband will not be able to ask her until tomorrow. I know for a fact that she will deny it 100%. We have had several issues with her lying over the years but as just the step mom my opinions and observations fall on deaf ears. I am infuriated with my husband now, mainly bc none of my friends will allow her over anyone. I know I should not be mad at him but he is so lax with everything and his kids. Just to make it clear, she did not learn these kinds of behaviors at our house....I try to create as much structure as possible. Any advice would be appreciated!