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06/10/2008 at 17:42 PM


I'm married with kids of my own.

don't know where to start,    

 my mom passed away 20 months ago & my dad has a new girlfriend, who has just had a baby girl. My dad has moved away and is living with his new family, we still havn't met his girlfriend. I would like to have some contact with my new step-sister, and for my kids to meet them, but don't know how to. HELP!

Have you talked with your dad and told him that you want to meet his wife and child? Is there more to the story than you have said? Is there some kind of discord that has pulled your family apart?

Hi JoyQ! You first, I think, can buy something for your new step-sister baby, and can call your father or send message and tell you like to meet her new family, or you can send like gift for new baby, and I hope next everything to make more easy, and your kids can write one card, kids are every where like a ambassador, and can open and keep contact with your father new family. Good luck!

Nice idea Anna.