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My stepson sleeps in his mothers bed at home - age 11
12/15/2011 at 04:09 AM

My stepson sleeps in his mother's bed every night while he is at her home. He is 11 years old and I think this is wrong. To complicate things, he has begun to wake about an hour after falling asleep at our house and sleep or habit? walks in search of his mothers room. I actually have to stay up to make sure I can guide him back to his bed safely (we have stairs in our house!) My husband has tried to address this with his mother but she seems to think the situation is totally acceptable. I would really like to hear a response from parents.

My major concern is that his sleeping pattern has changed in the last year while our family dynamics haven't. We just picked out our Christmas Tree, I spent two hours working with him on his math test tomorrow - we are a happy family unit. We have the same custody schedule, etc. yet now actually 1 hour ago - he woke up looking for mommy. I don't understand and I am really worried which is why I am posting this in hope of help.

yeah i don't see why his mom lets him do that, he is too old for that.Does he not have his own room at his mom's house? I think your husband needs to sit down and talk with his son and tell him it is not right for a boy of his age to be sleeping with his mom. The only other thing is to talk to someone over it. I know if my husbands ex wife was doing that with there son he would take her back to court. I would have someone look into it, having said that I know she is not the only mom that has done that, Im sure there are alot of moms out there that has had there child in bed with them since there were little . i personally thinks it wrong.

i agree as well!!! he is much to old to be sleepeng with mom. i would def put a stop to this.