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my step daughter
08/07/2011 at 14:56 PM

ok 3years ago I meet this great guy,our first date I found out he was in town to bury his wife(found this out from a family member!Anyway now we have been married for going on 2years.His 11yr old son no longer lives with us because he threatened to kill us in our sleep....since this the step daughter now 8yrs old always cries saying she misses her mom,& want do anything I ask of her till it's time for him to come in from work.My girls one 16 & the other 12,tell me if that were us you would be all over it! What do I do???

With his mother deceased and the father remarried, where was the 11 year old son shipped off to? What a terrible thing for an 11 year old child to lose his mother and then be sent away from his father and sister. This was not a solution to help the child; this was an opportunity to get the kid out of the way. If anyone believes that this will somehow help this child to deal with his loss, they are sadly mistaken. Where is the father of your daughters? Have these kids been to counseling? Did these kids act this way before their mother passed away?

I love how people define a great guy. Newly widowed, already scoping out the chicks. Kids are grieving, he's dating. Daughter cries all the time and is defiant, and unless she threatens to kill somebody, that will just be OK with him. Not violent, employed, bathes, pitches in on the dishes. That qualifies as OK, not Great.