My husband's ex wont let know how my step is.
08/13/2013 at 21:36 PM

So I just recently married my husband two months ago. We have been together for more then a year now. Before we got married my step son was a big part of our lives and his mom just recently moved him eight hours away. I haven't talked to him in over a month. I have tried to contact her to see how he is doing and no response. Do I as his step mom have the right to ask these ?'s? Or am I wrong for to trying to show I care about my step son. My husband works a lot and can't always be at all the things for my step son so I try to make sure he knows we do care and that I will be there. But his mom wont even let me know what is going on. Help please any ideas or suggestions to help just find out how my sweet step son is doing?