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My fincee's 1 year old daughter!
01/06/2011 at 09:23 AM

I am having some thoughts on whats going on in my life with my fiancee's daughter, she is only 1 year old but the mother get her taken away and the state gave his daughter to the mothers parents since they werent married, and we are trying to get her and I dont even know who we would talk about how I'm not her mother, I'm just her mom. I feel like if she knows she will treat me different and tell me she not going to do something because I'm not her mother. I would like to wait until she is maybe early teens to tell her if we get her with in the next year like we hope. The mother signed over her rights so if my fiancee gets her I can adopt and then she will be my daughter just not by birth. and I'm scared what she will think of me in the years to come... I dont even know what to do I'm just as lost as most of you

if anyone has advice please feel free to help me out?

Do you have a lawyer helping you to get custody?

I would recommend that she always know the circumstances. If she grows up knowing the truth, it will be normal for her. She will also know that she can trust you to tell her the truth even when it might be to your advantage to lie to her. These are important things.