Mom asking daughter to Lie to Father and Stepmother
10/13/2012 at 17:51 PM

So my Stepdaughter came home and said that she had a secret, she is 8, I said oh really, and then she said ; " I can't tell you though, mommy said I can't tell you or daddy' it upset me because we would never ever ask her to keep any secrets from her mom. How does one handle this and what advice can you give me, I want to make sure that we have a solid relationship and I don't want lying and deceit to begin , especially at the age of 8, she is to young to carry a burden like that.

ps, we found out that the mom wanted to keep from us that they are moving about 20 minutes away. It is clear that it will effect everything about our relationship with the mom in the sense of pick up and drop off and school zones and what not. I am very frustrated. Sorry for the long post.