Homework and Classwork
09/13/2011 at 22:33 PM

Ok.. I am Just venting and have no other place to turn.. I have a son who is in the 7th grade in all advance classes, and lately is refusing to do his school and homework. I work long hours and don't get to be home with him. So he will use this as a excuse. I had so many people who say I should just quit my job to make sure he does his school work, Yes I do feel that I should be there but It is not a option for me to be home. and to be honest, when I am there we fight all night long just trying to have him do his work.. I just don't know what to do anymore..

I think this is just a behavior that has turned into a habit. Share your vision with him of how going to school ought to look. Ask him to help you make that story the true story. Then, on a Saturday, practice 3 or four times. Tell him that on Monday, it might still be hard to make it work, and that he can get better at it every day. Celebrate small successes as he achieves them.