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Instant step-mom in just a few months
01/16/2012 at 11:40 AM

Hi everyone. I'm in need of some advice. My story is quite different from others, so please don't judge me. I really could use some advice and help.

I met my fiancé in April of 2011. We became engaged 4 months later. I know it was soon, but I knew in my heart he was the one. My family was ok with it, so everything was fine. When I first met my fiancé, I knew he had 2 children that lived in another state. Before he met me he was getting ready to go back to Georgia to live with the kids. But then he met me, and decided to stay to see what could happen between us. Obviously things progressed quickly and he made a home here with me. So I'd say about late summer, early fall of 2011 we took a vacation to Florida with his kids. That was the first time I met them. It was a wonderful vacation. Full of so much fun and love. After we got back, I'd say about September of 2011, their mother told us that she would like the children to come and live with us for a little while, so she could get herself finishing with school etc.

I was very excited about that. I had such good feelings about it all. My fiancé and I talked about everything, and luckily my fiancé scored a great job that would allow me to quit my job, and stay home full time to care for the children. It seemed like we had it all figured out.

Well here we are in January of 2012, and 8 months into our relationship, the children have been here for almost a month now. It's been ok, but things have been very stressful. My fiancé works so much, he barely is home. I have been so overwhelmed with everything, I have cried so much. It's been a struggle for me. I really feel this was too much too fast. The children were pulled from the comfort of their home to come and live with us. They seem to be adjusting ok. But it seems too overwhelming for all of us.

So my fiancé and I talked, and we feel that in the best interest for us and the children, that they go and live back with their mom for a while. The children living with us, was only temporary as it is. Also After their mother's schooling was done at the end of this year, she had planned to move to our state anyways. So that way we could all be together, and it would be easy for all of us.

I don't want to feel like a bad person, but I just want the kids happy, and I want all of us happy. And I fell that they would be happier.

Please help and advise. I really need it.

I'd get a job so I had independence from this man. If he's a keeper, that's great, but it seems to me that he's not real good at waiting for and earning what he wants.