HELP i a lil scared my step son may be racist
02/10/2012 at 15:32 PM

Hi, OK I did not come to this thought lightly, and my boyfriend even thinks that might be what it is. I have a day home. i have 3 kids Alexander, Tori (Philippian) and Tadiwa (Africian) OK he loves Tori and they could play together all day but now tadiwa is a different story. he runs away from him makes up stories to try to get him in trouble and just refuses to like or play with him. Tori is 5 Alexander is 4 and tadiwa is 2 i thought it was just the little brother syndrum because tadiwa LOVE Alexander. he follows him and copy's him and loves being around him, but any other kids we are around that do that he loves i have younger nieces and friends) i don't want to think he is and it hurts my hear to think he might be. how do i know if he is and most importantly how do i work on this i CAN'T let him be racist. how do you teach a 4 year old to like EVERYONE. Me and my boyfriend are both asking.

Amanda and Anthony