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04/26/2011 at 10:51 AM

I've just seen a horrendous situation. The current wife (now widow) of a man who had minor children insisted that the mother (ex-wife) not be allowed to attend the services, which means that the minor children, who had almost no relationship with dad's side of the family (not their choice or their mom's choice) have no support at their father's funeral. Their is also an adult child, but 22 and having your own anger and despair to deal with makes that an uncertain support.

There is also an adult child. oops

The mother should not allow the minor children to attend. Instead, I would ask my priest to come to the grave after the funeral and say a few words with the children attending. This would still give the children an opportunity to be involved.

Someone has 'unfriended' the bio-children from their dad's facebook. Perhaps I am wrong to assume it is the widow, but whoever it was, that's cruel.