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Friendly Reminder
12/18/2007 at 22:01 PM

Hey All


Please remember that this is forum for discussion of parenting and education issues.  Foul, inappropriate language will not be tolerated. 


We are here to debate issues not attack other members, please remember this when posting.


If you do see inappropriate discussions, please report them immediately but do not add to the discussion.


We have a wonderful forum here so let's keep it that way!





Thank you [again] Marti for hosting this site!  For me, it's an eye opener, it's calming, it brings me back to ground level, it's constructive and overall extremely helpful.  One of the things I am grateful for, everyday since I found this site, is this site.  What I was hoping for is for you to talk a little bit more about your upbringing and specifically relationship with step mom/dad.  how old were you? what were some of the challenges from your angle? what did you like/dislike?  how did you behave towards your step parent and now looking back how do you feel?  What helped?  I guess I'm looking for some insight from someone who's been through it, even though you are not a parent.  Thank you Marti!  

Hey Wantan


Thanks for your comments.  I am a parent, I have a 15 year old daughter.  She is a sophomore in HS.  I can relate to a lot of the problems that people on here face, boy is it hard to be a parent. My husband and I are still married, so I have not faced divorce in my own marriage but my parents were divorced when I was 18 years old.  My father and my step-mother have been together since my parents divorced.  My step-mother and I had a difficult relationship mainly because I was being loyal to my mother.  It took years for us to come together and there are lots of reasons for that happening, including maturing on my part and just time.






Thank you Marti for sharing.

thank you!

I am having trouble getting the printables to load. I want to use these for my preschoolers, but can't get them printed. Can anyone help me please?

What problem are you having exactly with the printables? Try cleaning out your cookies, reboot your computer and try to get the printables. Marti

I am new to the site and wish to make a post to the message board. However I can see no where to start a new post. Can someone tell me how?

You did it! Marti

Sign in ... choose the category you'd like to post in ... then at the top of all the posts (under the category description), you will see START A NEW DISCUSSION in blue. Click on that and whatever you type will be added to that category. I hope that's correct advice!

Oh geez ... just noticed I replied to a post that was TWO years old! LOL I just looked at the date alone, not the year. Hope s0crmom had figured it out within the last two years.