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To all the Step Parents
01/30/2011 at 06:19 AM

To the Step-Moms and Dads here, as a step-child I just want to give a big thank you.

In the beginning you will always be seen as the villain. You will be compared to 'my real mom' or 'my real dad' and it will hurt. You will have to put up with us saying hurtful things even the 'H' word.

If you can make it through this phase (which may last years) we will soften, begin to trust, and yes even love. It took me my whole life to learn to appreciate the sacrifices my Step-parents made for me. Now that I am an adult I just want to say to all of you step parents who are waiting to be appreciated by your stepkids that the day will come. Have patience and thank you!

Lovely post!!! Unfortunately, it was too late when my 3 ex-stepdaughters were adults and apologised for their many negative behaviors that caused the divorce.

Ooooo ouch 8-(

Thank you so much for saying that!! But at what point did you realize? My step children are 13 and 11. The 13 year old is very disrepectful to me and I think even wishes I was gone. Since you are a step child can you give me some advice?

I hope and pray of a positive outcome with my Husband and daugther. It is destroying me.