ADVICE PLEASE - FamilyEducation
11/23/2012 at 15:15 PM

Ok so my ss got his first report card today nothing i didnt already know interrupts and doesn't follow rules and cant focus (they my fiances and his family never made him) now that the school is saying something they should be able to ignore it right? im scared they arent going to help me help him getting to know this stuff how do i get them to see im not being an evil step mom i just want him to grow up right and polite help me im starting to stress and i know i shouldnt

Schools are losing their authority. Why? Because there's no partnership between school/home. In your position you have to be a peace maker. Be smart and take hubby out to dinner. Be honest and come up with a game plan. Arrange for a meeting at the school. This will hold your son accountable, give him the chance to speak up, and give you a chance to see the teacher/child dynamics. Go into that meeting with the attitude that the adults want the same result. So even if you have differences with his teacher, support her. It's vital your step son have more consequences than just a bad report card and scolding. He needs to apologize and change. Check in weekly with his teacher until you are satisfied. Agree there will be consequences and enforce them. Don't worry about your inlaws as much as unity with your hubby. Stick with it until your step son turns it around and is getting the positive attention for great behavior in class.