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dental problem!!
02/18/2010 at 09:37 AM

I recently had a tooth infection and had to be on antibiotics to clear it up! I am 21 weeks pregnant an the dentist wants to do a root canal, however my ob doctor said it would be less stressful and less drugs to have it pulled. She also said that if I could wait that would be great, but if I can't I should go ahead and have it removed now bcuz the second trimester is the best time. I would really like to try and wait but I'm afraid the tooth might get infected again, and I would need another round of antibiotics before I deliver!! Has anyone had a tooth removed while pregnant!! I don't know if I should wait or not!! Please Help!!

I should also say that the reason I am so worried is I had a miscarriage a year ago! I was only 8 weeks along at the time, and was not having dental problems. BUT after a miscarriage it is very hard to think having this dental work done could cause another one!!

I had a root canal while pregnant with no ill effects for the baby. You will have to deal with the loss of that tooth for the rest fo your life if you decide to have it pulled.

If you have major dental problem then I think you need to consult the doctor.

If you have a severe swelling on the mouth or a severe toothache, you can have your tooth extracted. Tooth extraction during pregnancy has no effects on the child. All the dentists at orthodontics los angeles use advanced procedures for tooth extraction of women facing pregnancy.